The Ultimate List of Tennis Equipment for Beginners 

If you start playing tennis, there is a lot of equipment you should use. Find out what they are and how they should be selected.

Tennis Equipment for Beginners


Tennis is a fun and healthy sport. In a non-competitive tennis match, the average player burns up to 500 calories per hour. In addition, you can increase your body’s overall coordination and improve your agility.

Moreover, it is never too late to start playing tennis – you can try this sport regardless of your age and condition. But like any sport, you need some help at the beginning, and this is especially in terms of the equipment you will need.

A gambler can find the most suitable promotions within minutes by entering a site such as the With this guide, we want to do the same for tennis beginners – this guide will let you know what equipment you need to start tennis in a maximum of 10 minutes.

Tennis Racket


Predictably, a tennis racket is the first and most important piece of equipment you need. In this regard, the first thing you should pay attention to is the grip size. Tennis rackets have a grip size of 1 to 5, and there is an easy way to find the best fit for you: the distance between your fingertips and your palm when you hold the racket should not be too great.

The narrower this range, the more solid grip you will get. When you grip the racket by the handle, it is ideal to leave a 1-inch gap between your hand and your palm. If you can’t choose between a particular grip size (for example, if you cannot decide between 2 and 3), choose the lower number one.

This is because you can increase the grip size of your racquet by wrapping a thin rope on the main grip, but you cannot decrease it. When choosing your racquet, you also need to pay attention to its weight.

Racket weights usually range from 240 grams to 370 grams. If a racquet is listed as “300 gr”, it means the weight of the racquet without strings, and to find its actual weight, you need to calculate the string as well (the string weight is about 20 g on average).

Beginners should prefer racquets with a head size of 105 – 110 and a weight of 250 – 300 grams (strings included). According to the opinion of Tony Sloterman, the Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder company, “Choosing a tennis racket is like choosing among casino bonuses.

When choosing a bonus, you should stay away from flashy but useless promos and read the terms of use to learn what that bonus really offers and wagering conditions. Only in this way can you find the most suitable bonus for you. This is also true of tennis rackets: instead of choosing between expensive brands and flashy models, you need to choose the one that best suits your hand size and level of experience.”

Tennis Ball


Contrary to popular belief, not all tennis balls are the same. Although they look quite similar, these balls are made from different materials and should be chosen according to the playing field. For example, there are different balls for the courts and different balls for the grass fields.

In general, they are produced for three basic playgrounds, sand, grass, and court, and if you do not pay attention to this distinction, you will see that the ball does not go where you want. For example, if you use a grass-field ball on a court, it will bounce more than necessary.

For the majority of beginners, balls made for court conditions will be an appropriate choice. You won’t need expensive high-end balls for a long time, so you can get standard balls sold in packs of three, five, and seven.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the playing field and the ball are compatible – if you are playing on the court, do not buy the balls made for the sand fields, for example.

Clothing and Shoes


Tennis is a sport that makes you look stylish even on the court, but this should not be what you should consider when choosing clothes and shoes. Clothing and shoes have two purposes: to protect your health and increase your performance. Between these two, you should focus primarily on maintaining your health. In this context:

When playing tennis, you sweat a lot, and if your clothes can’t get it out, your movements will be restricted. This can also cause various health problems. Therefore, your priority should be to choose clothes made of fabrics that repel sweat and keep you dry.

Tennis is mostly played outdoors, and if you play in the summer, you should definitely wear a hat to avoid sunstroke. Even if you’re playing indoors, it’s a good idea to wear a hat as it will keep sweat from getting into your eyes.

After paying attention to these basic dress codes, you can focus on improving your performance. In this regard, the equipment that will be most useful is tennis shoes. You don’t need high-end shoes from expensive brands: they add little to performance, as is commonly believed.

But professional tennis players need even the smallest advantage. Beginners, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about this – you can choose any shoe that is suitable for court conditions and provides adequate support for your ankle. If you are playing tennis on sand fields, you should wear shoes that can hold onto the ground.

You can even choose classic running shoes for grass fields. In any case, make sure that the sole is strong and durable, as the sole wears out the most when playing tennis. Don’t spend a lot of money on tennis shoes at the beginning and focus on comfort rather than performance gain.

In addition to all this, we recommend the use of a tennis bag, although it is not mandatory. These bags allow you to carry your racket safely and have compartments for your balls and clothes. It will be much more practical to fit all the equipment you use in a single bag. We recommend that you also put sunscreen and a small towel in this bag.

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