Nadal: “I Just Want to Stay Competitive”

Nadal “I Just Want to Stay Competitive”

In October this year, Rafael Nadal became a dad for the first time, but he still needs some time to adjust his parenting with tennis. He is currently in Australia and plays at the United Cup while he also tries to prepare for the upcoming Australian Open.

The 22-time grand slam champion recently spoke about his role as a father.

“At the first tournament, I played as a dad, my son wasn’t with me, and I was eliminated in the first round. At the next tournament, I traveled with my son, and I got eliminated in the group phase… I need to organize my life like everyone else who becomes a parent,” Nadal said.

Of course, same as always, Rafa is looking to win trophies.

“I just want to stay competitive. My first match will be against Cameron Norrie, and that is my main focus. The start of the season is always exciting; there are always doubts about how everything will turn out. Every beginning is different,” he added.