Six Months in Prison: Becker Lost Some Weight

Six Months in Prison Becker Lost Some Weight

Legendary German tennis player Boris Becker has so far served six months in prison after he concealed 2.5 million pounds of assets to avoid paying the money he owed after his bankruptcy. Becker still has two years to serve, and ever since 29. April, he has been in prison near London.

“Our client Boris Becker holds really well, given the circumstances, and he has become accustomed to the everyday life in prison,” was a statement of Becker’s lawyer. He also said that Becker could use the phone call at every moment of every day.

He also stated that Becker is very popular among other prisoners since he agreed to train them. They engage in various activities, including yoga and meditation. The lawyer also stated that Becker is also working out himself and that he has managed to lose several pounds since he got imprisoned.