Tennis vs. Ping Pong, What Are The Differences

Since you have reached here means that you are probably looking for authentic and genuine similarities and differences between tennis and ping pong. It’s been a while since I noticed as a coach that many people are asking and debating the differences and similarities between ping pong and tennis.

Both of these games look similar but are different from each other. What is the thing that’s making them different, though? I will suggest that you read the complete article till the end as it contains all of the key differences and similarities between Ping Pong and Tennis.

After completing the article, I can assure you that not only will you be satisfied but also you will be able to satisfy others who are still confused about the relationship between Tennis and Ping Pong. Intricate details and essential discussion has been carried out below, so make sure you stay focused throughout the reading to get the maximum knowledge related to both games.

Tennis vs. Ping Pong, What Are the Differences?


Both of these sports are independent of each other. Tennis vs. Ping Pong; the intricate description has been mentioned below.


Let us start with the introduction of tennis. It is a game which, when played as one single-player game, stays in between the two players, playing as opponents. And when played as a double game, this tennis is played with four players divided into teams containing two players each.

You need to have a racket, a hollow rubber ball and a tennis court to play tennis. There is a net between the court and is used to define the two sections, basically the two zones of the players.

Although Ping Pong is also played with the same procedures as the single playing and double playing tennis games, it is still pretty different from it. Moreover, the equipment used in the playing of ping pong is also almost the same that is used for playing tennis.

The significant and critical difference between Ping Pong and Tennis is that the Ping Pong is limited in terms of space and stays within its small restricted area of the rectangular table. Since the setup is the same, the players use a relatively more minor racket with almost weightless plastic balls and a net between the two sections. Moreover, Ping-pong Pong is also called table tennis.

Intensity Of Sports


The intensity, energy, and physical activity in both games are pretty different. Around 12 to 30 minutes is the time for which the Ping Pong game is generally played. And on the other hand, a tennis match lasts between 3 to 5 hours. There are chances and cases in the past in which the tennis game lasted more than 5 hours.

When it comes to the player’s energy, I will prefer tennis as it involves more power, more passion, and more physical movement in it. A player needs to move forward and back, right and left throughout the court in addition to hitting the ball with his racket. This explains why tennis is a more physically demanding game when compared to Ping Pong.

Alternatively, Ping Pong doesn’t involve the rapid, complete body movements by moving here and there but still involves quick and efficient hand gestures and movements as this game is restricted to the table, which means that you need to put all of your effort, efficiency, energy, and velocity of the play in your arms and hand movement. You need to make precise and accurate gestures with proper reflexes and actions while hitting the ball.

We can say that both of these games demand intensity, strength, and physical endurance, but all these energetic reflexes and actions are different in terms of force and movement. This is because the significant difference between both the games is in the size of the court, as tennis allows us to play in a larger field. On the other hand, Ping-pong is restricted on the small table surface.

List of Equipment And Estimated Expense On The Game

Following is the list of equipment used in both of the games. It is mentioned here, so you can note that the tools used in both games are similar or different. Furthermore, the estimated expense on each match is also calculated to help you pre-plan which game is suitable for you.

Pieces of Equipment For Tennis

  • Tennis rackets
  • Tennis shoes
  • Tennis t-shirt
  • Bag
  • Tennis grips
  • Tennis balls
  • Tennis strings

All of these things are necessary to initiate the gameplay of tennis. If you come to the expense, I have an idea that the Tennis player spends around $800 to $3000 on tennis games throughout the year. These expenses also include the fees you will pay for your coaching classes and the entry fees of the game.

Pieces of Equipment For Ping Pong

This is a budget-friendly package for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly option in your sports selection. This Ping Pong game does not need heavy dollars. It will not be a break on the bank. The total cost estimated for a Ping Pong player to spend on his game is around $500 to $1500. Moreover, this also involves the fees for tournaments and membership. Additionally, you can also pay your coach within this dollar range.

Measurements of Equipments


One funny thing I came across when I searched for Tennis and Ping Pong relations was that Ping Pong is a little brother of tennis. How funny and accurate it is that Ping Pong is a little brother of Tennis as it is played in the same way with the same equipment but on the limited boundaries of a table which are relatively very small than a Tennis Court. Let us compare this mini but intense game with its big brother Tennis in terms of figures.


The rackets used for playing Ping Pong are only 6.7 inches long. Alternatively, the rackets used in playing tennis games are generally 27 inches long. 6.7 inches and 27 inches are incredibly different from each other in size.

Court Size


Moreover, the court associated with tennis is extensively large. It is said to be 78 feet in length and 27 feet in width. It varies and can be larger than this big size for double players gaming. At the same time, the Ping-pong table is only nine feet in length and 5 feet in width.


Then comes the net used for separating the two zones. The net used for Tennis playing is 3 feet and 6 inches in height and is fixed. The net used for Ping Pong games is only 6 inches in height.

Ball Size


With the availability of 2.50 to 2.70 inches diameter balls, the weight of the ball used for tennis playing lies in between 1.98 Oz to 2.10 Oz. On the other hand, the size of the ball used for Ping Pong games is 1.57 inches in diameter and weighs only 0.095 oz. This makes the Ping Pong ball very small and relatively weightless compared to the tennis ball.

Composition of Ball

Both of the balls are constructed differently because the requirements and functioning are pretty different. The Tennis Ball should be heavy and robust enough to withstand several intensities of force as it has to travel throughout the sizeable extensive court.

This tennis ball is constructed with rubber and is pressurized in its nature. Being hollow, it bounces and shows flexibility in its movement quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, the Ping Pong ball is constructed with lightweight plastic, so it stays in the table’s constraints during playing.


Are tennis and Ping Pong the same games?

No, they look similar but are entirely different from each other. Both of these games can be played independently and have many unique features. Ping Pong Ball is played on a table, whereas tennis is played on an extensive area.

How much expense can you have on a Ping Pong game?

If you are likely to purchase your equipment, including the table on which the Ping Pong is played, the estimated expense on tennis is around 1000 to 1500 dollars. It involves the coach fees, the entry fees, and tournament fees. These are the estimated values, so make sure to calculate before finalizing your budget.

Which game is beginner-friendly?

It has been noticed that Ping Pong is more beginner-friendly and suitable for those who are not into problematic gameplay at the start of their career. They can take the sports initiative from Ping Pong and then go up to the Tennis level.


Tennis and Ping Pong are both international-level games that are almost similar but independent of each other. Both of these games involve rackets, balls, net, and of course, the players to play.

The significant difference between these two games lies in the area and the court. Tennis is played on a large court which is extensive. On the other hand, Ping Pong is restricted to a smaller size table that contains a net for separation purposes in between it.

Furthermore, these games involve strength, intensity and power, and perfect physical fitness. Although both of these are different, some people still used to say that Ping Pong is a little brother of tennis. Make sure you read the above article so you can guess whether it’s a small brother of tennis or not.

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