Zverev: “For Me, This Tournament Is Already a Success”

Zverev “For Me, This Tournament Is Already a Success”

Alexander Zverev managed to win for the first time since last year’s June. German tennis player advanced to the second round of the Australian Open after he defeated Juan Pablo Varillas 4:6, 6:1, 5:7, 7:6, and 6:4.

“I’m tired but very happy. I’ve missed this for the past seven months. Just this match alone is enough to know that all my work and suffering for the last year have paid off,” Zverev stated after the match.

This was his first victory after a long break, caused by last year’s injury he suffered in the semifinals of Roland Garros.

“I’m happy to be on the court again, happy to play matches in front of this audience. I can’t wait for the competition to continue. Regardless of what happens, I can say that for me, this tournament is already a success,” he added.